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World History Lesson Plans

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Unit 1: Early Humans
Unit 2: 
River Valley Civilizations 
Unit 3: 
Belief Systems 
Unit 4: 
First Empires 
Unit 5: 
Ancient Greece 
Unit 6: 
Ancient Rome 
Unit 7: 
Indian Empires and the Han Dynasty 
Unit 8: 
Rise and Spread Islam 
Unit 9: 
Byzantine Empire
Unit 10: 
Asian Empires 
Unit 11: 
Middle Ages (Part I) 
Unit 12: 
Middle Ages (Part II) 
Unit 13: 
Renaissance & Reformation
Unit 14: 
African Empires
Unit 15: 
Mesoamerican Civilizations 
Unit 16: 
Exploration & The Atlantic

Overview of Global History & AP World History - No Bull Review Lesson