No Bull Economics Lessons

Macroeconomics & Microeconomics Concepts You Must Know

Teaching Economics without Fear

Main ideas and educational resources referenced at the 34th annual LICSS Conference on October 24, 2014

Click below for the slides w/ embedded videos (scroll down for direct links to sites and videos):

Recipe for one fearless educator
1. Be an active learner
2. Be a curious innovator
3. Be a creative superstar

Worthwhile Online Courses (Active Learner)
MRUniversity -
Foundation for Teaching Economics -
Creating videos for your class website or YouTube page (Curious Innovator)
Make your own educational videos - similar to my No Bull Review videos on YouTube - with an iPad app like Explain Everything or on your desktop with Screencast-o-matic. There is also a web-based application called Metta that features Google Drive and Edmodo integration.

Create mobile apps for your class (Curious Innovator)
Play around with Appshed to see if mobile apps will enhance your students' classroom experience

Check out the economics apps that are available in the Apple and Droid app stores

Use mobile devices to assess your students in class (Curious Innovator)
Use Socrative to create lesson motivations, quizzes, interactive games, and exit tickets

Experiment with social media (Curious Innovator)
Send students articles and extra-help tips on Twitter

Sample songs with economic concepts (Creative Superstar)
"You Can't Always Get What You Want" by Rolling Stones for scarcity and opportunity costs
"(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" by Rolling Stones for diminishing marginal utility

"Fear the Boom and Bust" (Keynes-Hayek rap battle) for macroeconomic theory disputes

"Fight of the Century: Keynes vs Hayek Round 2"

"Deck the Halls with Macro Follies"

Funny economic concepts (Creative Superstar)
The Stand-Up Economist, Yoram Bauman, on fiscal policy and budget deficits 

Economic Valentines -

Movie/TV clips featuring economic concepts (Creative Superstar)
The Hudsucker Proxy Hula Hoop Scene for shifting the demand curve 

Austin Powers for inflation

Golden Balls for game theory and identifying dominant strategies

Example of a student project - a parody of Inception about economic indicators and monetary policy
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