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Social Studs

The Social Studs is an educational rock band featuring George Washingtone and Abrajam Lincoln. The songs and music videos found on this page can be used for lesson plans and for reviewing before unit tests, midterms, local final exams, New York State Regents exams, AP American History exam, AP European History exam, and AP Macroeconomics exam. All teachers are welcome to use these videos and lesson worksheets for their classes. Since 2008, our music videos have been viewed by over a quarter of a million people worldwide. Subscribe to us below to get all of the latest updates.

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"Bill of Rights Song"

This song summarizes the first ten amendments of the US Constitution in order. Know the Bill of Rights!

"Nations of the World"

"Nations of the World" features the geographic locations of over 200 countries and territories.

*Notes* ---The people of GREENLAND have been recognized as a nation in international law since the Self-Governance Act was implemented on June 21, 2009. It is an independent country that is within the Kingdom of Denmark. ---Several "overseas territories" or "overseas countries" were included within the song. Although not officially countries, they have constitutions and internal self-governance. We did not list every single territory on the map, but felt it was necessary to acknowledge the existence of these types of political entities.

Lesson Plan Idea 1:
Show this music video in class as an introduction to world geography. After viewing the video, discuss the following with students: 1. Have you traveled to any of the places mentioned in the video? Have students share their unique travel experiences with the class. 2. Which of these places have you never heard of before? Were you surprised?

Lesson Plan Idea 2:
You can ask students to write down their responses before the discussion, or have them discuss with a partner or in smaller groups

Lesson Plan Idea 3:
Challenge the students to the game ("Can you name the countries in the world?") to see how many countries the students can fill in from memory. Link:

"The Presidents Song"

"The Presidents Song" chronologically lists every presidential administration, along with a fun fact or defining characteristic of each president, in only 2 minutes 10 seconds.

Lesson Plan Idea 1:
Show the music video in class. Next, distribute a the copy of this worksheet ( and challenge the students to fill in the missing presidents. Use the lyric sheet answer key to help students correct their work and discuss the references made in the song. I recommend handing out the worksheet after watching the video because it is too short to write in the names of all 44 presidents.

"World War II Song"

This is the music video for our "Word War II song." It is suitable for both World History and American History classes when you cover the Second World War.

"Black Death Song"

When teaching about the Middle Ages of Europe and Asia, it is very important to discuss the effects of the Bubonic Plague. "Black Death" song covers several leading causes of the plague in addition to the political, social, and economic effects.

Lesson Plan Idea 1:
Watch "The Black Death Song" with your students. Have students fill out the workout sheet ( based on the music video and their knowledge of social studies. Have students pair up to discuss their findings then discuss the answers as a class. This can be done as an introductory lesson to the Black Death or a summative activity.


"War!" is a live-action music video starring George Washingtone and Abrajam Lincoln. It provides an overview of some of the major conflicts in human history.

"Supreme Court Cases"

"Supreme Court Cases" is a live-action music video starring George Washingtone and Abrajam Lincoln. It features references to important landmark Supreme Court decisions in American History.

"The Geography Song"

"The Geography Song" is the third live-action music video from the Social Studs. This one covers the role of geography in the development of early civilizations. It is the perfect tool for developing your World History lesson.

"Causes of the Civil War"

"The Causes of the Civil War" has become the gold standard for learning about and teaching the American Civil War in U.S. History classes.

"Historical Leaders Song"

Who are the most memorable leaders in history? You will find many of them in this Social Studs song. Some of these individuals did great things to advance civilization, some committed massive atrocities, and some did both.

"Empires of the World"

The greatest and largest empires in history are referenced in this song, from Alexander the Great's hellenistic world to the British Empire.

"US History Song (Part I)"

"US History Song (Part II)"

"Gettysburg Address"

In this video, Abrajam Lincoln reads the Gettysburg Address.

"World History Song (Part I)"

Because there are so many events that have shaped the course of human history, the word famous "World History Song" comes in two parts. This is part one of two. It is very helpful when reviewing for state mandated exams like the New York State Global History and Geography Regents examination.

"World History Song (Part II)"

This is the second part of the world famous "World History Song."

"Checks and Balances Song"

Understanding separation of powers is vital to your success in US History and government classes. This song about checks and balances makes it simple enough for everyone to understand.

"The Economics Song"

Adam Smith, David Ricardo, Karl Marx, and John Maynard Keynes made enormous contributions to the field of economics. This song honors some of the greatest economic thinkers from the classical school onward.

"Great Depression Song"

"Historical Revolutions Song"

"Martin Luther King Jr. Speech (I have a dream)"

"Capitals of the States" (Old Demo Version)

This is the old demo version of "Capitals of the States" which takes you through all 50 states and corresponding capitals.

"Presidents Song (2005 Version)"

This is the original version of "The Presidents Song" recorded in a music studio, somewhere on Long Island, during the presidency of George W. Bush. It contains Washingtone on vocals, Abrajam on electric guitars, and a special guest appearance by The Warrior on the African drum box.

The Presidents Song (2005 Version) Studs - Presidents.mp3

Here is a song about your presidents. The White House would be their residence.
came first and he practiced neutrality.
second, XYZ conspiracy.
Jefferson bought Louisiana to expand.
fought in 1812 with England.
had his doctrine.
Quincy Adams
won with a corrupt bargain.
Jackson had a tariff and hated the bank.  
Van Buren’s
wardrobe seemed like a prank.
nickname was Tippecanoe.
took over, when he turned blue. 
Polk said fifty-four, forty or fight.      
was the second Whig to die.  
and Pierce expansion aggression.
Buchanan couldn’t stop secession.     
was the Great Emancipator.He saved the Union, but he paid for it later.
was impeached for liberal reconstruction.                               
Grant was inefficient he did nothin’.
Rutherford B Hayes didn’t do a lot.
Poor Garfield well he got shot.
Arthur, Cleveland, Harrison, were swell guys.
Cleveland got elected twice.
McKinley saw the sinking of the Maine..
TR busted trusts after fighting with Spain.
Taft was large, and got stuck in the door.
Wilson had the Great World War.
Harding and Coolidge roared through the twenties.
Hoover had the nation counting their pennies.
FDR served ‘til 1945.
He did a New Deal, and won with the Allies.
Truman dropped the bomb and preached civil rights.
Eisenhower’s slogan was “I like Ike.”
JFK was shot during the Cold War.
Johnson had civil rights, but Vietnam gore.
After Watergate, Nixon would quit.
Ford was known for embarrassing trips.
Carter was a farmer in an energy crisis.
Reagan spent a lot on defensive devices.
George Bush started Operation Desert Storm.
Clinton was impeached and a blue dress was torn.
George W. Bush is number 43.
I think that’s enough song for me!!!