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Review: Byzantine Empire (Chapter 11)

  • Byzantine Empire - Name for the Eastern Roman Empire; Capital at Constantinople; used diplomacy to hold empire together.
  • Justinian - Most poweful Byzantine ruler; set up legal code using the Roman model and it ruled the Byzantines for 900 years; creates massive public works projects.
  • General Belisarius - Powerful general under Justinian; regained control of Rome and northern Africa.
  • Empress Theodora - Justinian's wife; convinces husband to put down the Nika Rebellion.
  • Nika Rebellion - Riot in the Hippodrome calling for the overthrowing of Justinian; crushed by Belisarius.
  • Hagia Sophia - Most splendid Eastern Orthodox Christian chirch built by Justinian; later convinces the Russians to adopt Eastern Orthodox Christianity.
  • Church Schism - Division within Christian church; separates into Roman Catholic vs. Eastern Orthodox; Byzantine emperors begin to reject the Pope's authority; the Patriarch becomes head of Eastern Christianity.
  • Primary Chronicle - Russian history written by Russian monks.
  • Vladimir of Kiev - Converts to Eastern Orthodox Christianity and baptizes all his subjects in AD 989.
  • Yarolslav the Wise - Ruler of Kievan Russia; set up effective legal code; used diplomatic marriage alliances; political instability resulted from his rule because he divided his land amongst his sons; the sons then fought for control of the land.
  • Khanate of the Golden Horde - Mogolian Empire in Russia.
  • Alexander Nevsky - Novgorod prince; advises Russians to cooperate with the Mongols.
  • Ivan III - First Russian ruler to call himself "czar" which translates to "caesar."
  • Mamelukes - Turkish military slaves who became a powerful force in the Abbasid empire.
  • Seljuk Turks - People that migrated into the Abbasid empire about AD 970; convert to Islam.
  • Malik Shah - the last effective Seljuk sultan; gains support of the Persians.
  • Vizier - Name given to the prime minister during Seljuk rule.