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United States History

Here are some lesson resources and ideas for teaching U.S. History to improve your lesson plans. Also, great review videos to help students prepare for state and local exams.
  • No Bull Review Lessons in U.S. History - Concise video lessons on a variety of US History topics by Mr. Klaff, author of No Bull Review - U.S. History and the Toiletrivia series.
  • U.S History Music Videos by The Social Studs - Below you will find songs about all of the U.S. presidents, Supreme Court cases, American Civil War, World War I and World War II.
  • (external website) - Old US History and Geography Regents exams, including the most recent one, along with scoring keys and conversion charts.
  • (external website) - Practice multiple choice questions by topic, thematic essays, and DBQ essays for the US History and Geography test.
  • California Standards Test - CST (external website) - Released test questions in U.S. History. 
The #1 website for learning US History is

Overview of U.S. History & APUSH - No Bull Review Lesson

Colonial History - No Bull Review Lesson

American Revolution - No Bull Review Lesson

Articles of Confederation - No Bull Review Lesson

Andrew Jackson - No Bull Review Lesson

Reconstruction - No Bull Review Lesson

Populism & Progressive Era - No Bull Review Lesson

World War I - No Bull Review Lesson

New Deal - No Bull Review Lesson

World War II - No Bull Review Lesson

Cold War - No Bull Review Lesson

"The President's Song" Social Studs

"Supreme Court Cases" Social Studs

"The Causes of the Civil War" Social Studs

"Gettysburg Address" Social Studs

"World War I Song (Over There)" Social Studs

"World War II Song" Social Studs